Fattal Family

Get peace of mind on your family vacation


Going on a family holiday can be stressful. Parents often find it hard to balance between quality time with their kids, and having their alone time. Fattal Family is an app that enables parents to keep track of their kids while staying in one of the Fattal hotels. The interface includes a personal bracelet for each kid.  

Target Users Persona

Main Pain Point

Danit and Eyal are worried about Yonatan and Yael, and are finding it hard to relax. They feel guilty for leaving them in the kids' activity, and check up on them every hour or so.

42 years old, 

38 years old, 

Danit and Eyal, a young couple, are the parents of Yonatan (6 years old) and Yael (3 years old). They aspire to balance between family and their careers. They go on family vacations regularly, often in one of Fattal's hotels. Danit and Eyal need their alone time, and therefore take Yonatan and Yael to the children activity, a service offered by Fattal Hotels.    

Talia Knopp UX Design

Feel Part Of

The Experience 

The parents receive updates and pictures of their kids in real time. This is meant to help them feel part of their experience, and prevent them from feeling guilty for leaving them in the children's activity.

The Goal

To enable the parents to be updated in what their kids are doing while they are apart from them.

Talia Knopp Fattal Family

The Value

Peace of mind for the parents. They can feel part of their kids' experience even when they are not with them. This enables them to rest and relax, without feeling guilty and worried. 

עותק של Artboard Copy 3.png

If a child is unsatisfied and would like to go back to his parents, the counselors can let them know instantly and easily. 

Location Tracking

In Real Time

Each child has a personal bracelet that enables to track his location. This helps create a sense of control. 

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Parents can grant the kid independence by transferring money to the bracelet. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 16.10.15.png


The app helps to know what the kids are up to in real time.

1. Location.png

Usability Test

Potential users were asked to complete different tasks on the prototype in a limited time frame, in order to check if they are able to use the interface intuitively.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 16.10.33.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 20.49.36.png


A recurring problem was that users did not understand that a click on text of this sort leads directly to the wallet. This led to the conclusion that the text is not perceived as clickable, and changes were made accordingly.