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In the past, humans had a direct connection to their food since they had to hunt or gather it. This connection has weakened since nowadays food is typically purchased without knowing where it came from. Recently people aspire to become more aware of their dietary habits. Eatwise is a recipe app that enables them to do that, by learning about the implications of what they eat. Based on this information, they can choose a recipe with the most preferable consequences.
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The Goal

To enable the users to understand the consequences of what they eat in a tangible way, and choose the option with the most preferable consequences. 

The Value

The users will acquire knowledge enabling them to better treat themselves and the environment.
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Before Designing The MVP,

Problem Validation

Showing potential users a chocolate cake recipe

and a low-calorie version of it, was one way to

validate their lack of awareness of the

consequences of what they eat. They were

astounded when told how long they would have to

run in order to lose the calorie difference between

the two recipes. This verified the need to show

the consequences in a simple and tangible way.

Who Are The


Generation Y – they enjoy learning new things and want to have it all; be healthier, watch their weight, and be aware of the environment. They are considerably flexible with what they eat, as long as it meets their goals. 

Main Pain Point

They strive to improve their eating

habits, but lack awareness of the 

consequences of what they eat.

Swipe To Get Different Versions Of The Recipe

Each swipe reveals a different version of the recipe, and helps the users learn what they will gain from each option.
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Onboarding Process

Since this app has an unfamiliar concept, it was necessary to create a simple onboarding process that will enable the users to understand the value, and help them feel more in control

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Utilisation of


In order to reduce the users learning curve and increase usability, the interface is designed using recipe app conventions. For instance, pressing the 'plus' button to the left of one of the ingredients will automatically add it to the shopping list.
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Wisdom Of The Crowd

The interface is connected to social media, since one of the main ways for Generation Y to make decisions is by reading reviews and recommendations.


In-depth interviews with potential users revealed that even though people want to improve their eating habits, learning about the consequences of what they eat might make them feel guilty and become defensive. 

One way to address this problem and lighten things up a little, was by adding a game oriented feature. Each user has a farm and receives gifts based on achievements. 

Another way to try and prevent the users from feeling guilty, was by creating the learn more button. It enables them to control the amount of information they would like to be exposed to. 


Simple And Intuitive

The interface is designed in an organised

way in order to create a stress free



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