Exercising in the outdoor gym has never been so easy


The outdoor gym, a concept that originated from China, is a gym built outside in a public park. Even though it is known to be an effective concept for raising fitness and health levels, a vast amount of people do not use these facilities since they lack the knowledge to do so effectively. Easyfit is an app that enables users to exercise in outdoor gyms professionally.

UX: me.  Design: Tamar Segura.

Main Pain Point

Uri would like to exercise in outdoor gyms, but lacks the knowledge to do so in a professional way.


Uri, 26 Years Old

Summer time is getting closer, and Uri would like to build more muscle mass. As a student living in Beersheba, he is trying to reduce his expenses, and therefore does not own a gym membership. His main exercise is running outside, usually near his apartment. Uri noticed the outdoor gyms nearby and even tried to use them a

few times, but did not know how to do so.


Target User Persona

User Flow

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 21.39.37.png

Information Architecture

Understanding the main use case helped design an effective information architecture. This created the foundation of a valuable and consistent product that provides a sense of confidence, consequently increasing user's engagement.

Sketching Wireframes

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 21.21.51.png

The Goal

To provide the users with

information that will enable

them to use the outdoor gyms professionally and effectively.

The Value

Primary Value - Economic: 

The users can improve

their physical fitness for free. 

Secondary Value:

The users can work out in

a fast and easy way.  


The users are asked to provide information as part of the onboarding process. This enables

 them to get a personally customized workout plan, assuring maximum workout effectivity.

2. Personalisation.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 15.00.18.png

Design For Delight

The app is designed to provide unexpected features that create

a light and pleasant experience.


The users can decide to change their workout plan at any stage, allowing them to be spontaneous and feel a sense of control. 

Flexible copy (1).png



4. Flexibility.png
Psychological copy copy.png



Addressing User's Needs

User research revealed that lack of knowledge is what usually prevents people from using the outdoor gyms. They often don't even know where the outdoor gyms are located. This screen was designed for the onboarding process, in order to help increase the user's engagement and reduce abandonment. 

addressing copy copy.png
7. Addressing.png



Utilization Of Cognitive Models

Mirror neurons are one of the main learning mechanisms in the human brain. They fire both while acting and while observing the same action performed by another, hence imitation is one of the most intuitive ways

to learnBased on this mechanism, the

main way to learn in this app is by

observing a short and repetitive

animation of a person using the

exercise machine.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 15.00.35.png
6. Psychological.png

Fast And Easy

Since people usually need to overcome barriers before exercising, it's important to enable the users to start working out as fast as possible. Just a few quick questions before each workout, and they're good to go.

5. Fast & Easy.png
FastEasy copy copy.png