Hey There, I'm Talia.

I am currently working on complex systems in SAP.
My experience includes wireframing and prototyping for B2B and B2C products, conducting persona analysis, user research and usability testing for SAP and leading companies in Israel such as Shufersal, EL AL, Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, and WIZO.

As a Psychology and Business Management graduate with
honors from Ben-Gurion University, I gained the ability to deeply understand people's mental models and empathize with their emotions. While working on UX projects, I find this crucial for designing interfaces that provide a solution for the users' pain points.

I am fascinated by the human mind. I keep asking questions in

order to try and understand what drives people to behave the way

they do. In my free time I meditate and practice yoga, play guitar and enjoy being in nature.